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There are few restrictions on clear, or blue models. Protective eye/face wear is a must.  Black pistols, rifles and AEGs are governed by airgun law, ( proof of identity required by purchaser) and realistic looking military firearm styles, all available from etonguns, require proof of membership to a UK skirmish club, or a re-enactment group, or a film production company. We recommend  British Airsoft Club, as the only truly independent organisation upholding the principles for a right to own.    We undertake to put any item purchased from us back into working order, although appreciate there can be spare part delays, and older models do go out of production.

Two Tone Plastic airsoft less than 1 Joule         Black 6mmBB CO2 powered Pistols      Paintball Markers - Ammo x 500                                            
Blue,smoky,clear spring &  electric,                    Controlled by Airgun law. Purchase            68 calibre Paintball Markers etc
accessories, and 6mm BB ammo                         "face to Face", with ID                              Adaptors for disposable 88gm CO2
unrestricted airsoft your garden skirmishes or use in re enactment of favourite hero/heroine.
Restricted airsoft: requires an airsoft club Membership Card and separate ID with proof of address & age
Now in  stock November 2018:
The newly developed Ring Pull Mini Smoke Grenades                                                                    
The original Friction Smokies
Mark V Thunderflash                                      
Paintball & BB Grenades   
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Blue Pistols / Rifles - Spring & Gas
Ammo 6mm BBs
RIF Gas Powered Handguns

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