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AirRifles .22 & .177 - Sub 12ft lbs/16Joules

Airgun purchasers must be 18+ and must supply ID. We prefer: Driving Licence. Passport is ok too  All Purchases must be completed in payment and collection, by customer present in the shop.

Over 50 rifle Models, mostly .22 preferred choice for pest control,  some.177 for target shooters (Left Hand stocks require pre order)
Standard Pages are Rifle only Prices, where scopes and other accessories are required on purchase we will provide best deal price.
Please call 01753 800009 for current prices shop rules on best price, as webpage updated later.
All purchases except secondhand, have standard English warranties. We accept Gundealer exchanges subject to standard terms.
By Popular request see Rifles by Price section below in OUR PRICE DEALS

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide 900psi)
Uses .12gm capsules or 88gm capsules
Break Barrel, or underlever, or side lever cocking mechanism. 3 Don'ts: Dry Fire, pull trigger when barrel open,put mineral oil inside barrel
Gas Ram
Cocking action compresses air in a chamber, enabling use with less cocking effort and recoil
Pre Charge Pneumatic
Air supply best from a divers bottle for consistent dry air. May use a stirrup pump
!! New Deals while stocks last !!
Sub-6Ft lbs Air Rifles

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