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Boys Outdoor Toys - About Us

1st Stop for Level 2 Airguns and Accessories  Mobile visitors - WELCOME! 103,High Street, Eton,SL4 6AF

All the latest models of air rifle and pistols always in stock, check out the shop for examples

Visit Etonguns to view our amazing stock. Big Delivery airsoft latest models. This is our catalogue. (NB no FAC guns)

Choose from our range of pistols, yes they are all  different -  handling, weights, aiming aids. Note the Special Offers on web only: remember to request when collect!

cal.177/4.5mm suitable within a space of 10 meters in a back garden, or air rifles, straighter trajectory but less dense for target shooting to 60M+ depends on your skill.
cal.177/4.5mm to the curved trajectory of the cal.22/5.5mm which can be used for pest control, and is greatest challenge for accuracy at maximum range.
For pure fun without injury, as long as eye protection is worn, try our airsoft range. Airsoft 6mmmBB - Huge Range of constantly changing models, and the old favourites.Spring,Gas,AEGs

Air rifles up to 16 Joules (11.5 ft/lbs), target & dispatch air pistols up to 8 Joules (5.9 ft/lbs).   Sound suppressors, starting or training blank firers, and blanks.
UK legal penknives and fixed bladed or folding lock knives all require face to face purchase with ID.
Walther, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Desert Eagle,  Gamo, Crosman, Daisy, Diana, Weihrauch, Browning
Pistols:  Airarms, Beeman, Gamo, Wehrauch, Zoraki, Metal BBs or pellets (We Do Not buy in second hand airpistols, sorry,)
Rifles:     BSA, Gamo, Cometa, Diana, Daisy, Air Arms, Walther, Weihrauch, Remington, Beeman, SMK, & many second hand models.   We buy or part-x second hand rilfles.
Airsoft for military enactment or costume play games, or fun in your garden:Amoeba, Ares, AWorks, Cybergun, Cyma, G&G, KWC, SMK, Umarex, WEI.Tech
0.68cal paintballs. Smoke & BB grenades,Mark V Flashbangs.

Crossbows & catapults, we stock archery arrows, and lube.

For those who serve, show your ID, and if we can give you a discount we will. Minors under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a legal Guardian to make a purchase.

Best prices guaranteed for Cash and Debit payment cards ~ American Express Welcome :)

In the event there is a difference between the web and the shop, the shop is final price, except specials only shown on web. We will try and match prices in our area, on proof of similar prices, please appreciate our business rates subsidise shops outside the prosperous South. ( if you have seen a better price here - than shown in the shop please mention when buying)

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