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Air Pistols5.5 & 4.5 pellet,MB+6mmBB > Co2 Powered - New Stock Feb 19

Co2 being a more powerful gas, makes pistols powered this way more efficient, and less prone to valve failure.  V popular for active target shooting - or Practical shooting in Bisley parlance - which is the speed with which you can achieve hits on multiple targets, rather than static target shooting.  This can be easily constructed at home, for maximum fun, by making each target hidden from view of the next with shutters, or straw bales, as one moves from one target to the next, and offers opportunity for different types of target silhouettes and roundel bulls eyes.   Co2 pistols are either with rifled barrels firing pellets using 8 x .177 magazines, which can be quickly swopped with prefilled additional magazines, or rotated, or Metal Ball loaded magazines with between 16-22 BB capacity. Requirements - Pistol, spare magazines, pellets or steel BBs, paper targets, or knock down targets and 12gm capsules of CO2.

Wherever possible we show where we are out of stock, but for the most up to date supplied please email us or phone with your inquiry.   All CO2 powered weapons are governed by airgun law requiring face to face sales only with proof of age and proof of address. If you do wish to purchase one via the website we will have to send it to your local RFD and we'll need to get in contact with them to exchange information before proceeding - There may be a handling fee of up to £25 from the RFD

6mm Plastic BB
4.5mm BB Metal
.177 pellet
Single Shot .177, .22 + .25 pellet

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